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Accattoli  Antheo 2004, I.G.T. Marche Rosso.

Colour:  black with purple.
Nose:  initially quite closed, after a few minutes more expressive, earthy, with impressions of wood, vanilla, smoke, spices, phenolic, some plums, cherries, some vanilla, hazelnuts, tar, some minerals, hidden depth, a whiff of cocoa, a bit austere style, serious and sombre, but intriguing, difficult stage between youth and maturity, well balanced.
Taste:  powerful, medium-fulbodied, beautiful acidity, good expressive earthy fruit, wood, vanilla, powerful and ample tannins, good freshness as well as warmth and depth, multi layered, smoky, spicy and minerally style, compact wine with great intensity and structure, quite serious style with even some elegance, lacking some refinement, a bit sombre and classic, with many nuances emerging during tasting, excellent balance, quite impressive.
Finish: very long and impressive, intense, with many impressions of earth, tobacco, smoke, minerals, spices, wood, ripe fruit, fresh acidity great tannins, excellent balance.

* An impressive, powerful, concentrated and multi layered wine in a austere and classical style, impressions of earth, wood, spices, smoke and black fruit are well knitted together with the fresh acidity and powerful tannins, giving this wine length and class and above all its excellent balance. An ambitious wine, a hypothetical cross between a classy Chianti Classico and a bold Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

- Drink this wine from now, I suppose you could keep it one or a few years, but be aware wines from the Montepulciano grape tend to age quite suddenly and end up harsh with dusty and gritty tannins and a lot of chocolate impressions. I doubt it will improve much after 2007 - 2008.

- This wine is produced from 50% Montepulciano and 50% Sangiovese grapes.  It is a modern and ambitious wine in the sense that it is produced from a not too common blend and the wine is matured in french (allier) barriques during 12 months. Its character is quite classical: not supple and without super ripe sweet fruit with a lot of toasted oak, but more restrained and with emphasis on balance, depth and length, all kept well in check by the beautiful uplifting acidity that gives this wine its elegance and keeps it going for a minute or so guiding all the aroma's and impressions without becoming tiring or boring.  This wine producer knows exactly what to do with its grapes and shows an intelligent approach in using the amount and type of oak and extraction. Excellent job. Challenging many much more reputed and expensive Chianti Classico's, maybe lacking a bit in refinement. but making that up with balance and length.

- lotnr.: L 060711

- tasted: 11-05-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 13,00  euro

- production: 3.000 bottles

- Accattoli srl, Via del Donatore, 25,  62010 Montefano (MC);  tel: +39.0733.850017 ; fax: +39.0733.850447;  e-mail: ; web site: