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Accattoli  Lacrima 2004, D.O.C. Lacrima di Morro d'Alba. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour:  quite intense, dark red with purple.
Nose:  very expressive, sweet fruity (cherry, lychee), spicy (clove, pepper), flowery (wild rose), with nuances of tea and caramel, unique and exciting combination of nuances, very clean, pure and with some depth and refinement.
Taste:  medium bodied, medium intense and powerful, mild and round tannins, loaded with soft fruit (cherry) nuances, very spicy and with a beautiful elegant acidity, a touch of smoke, caramel, well balanced, high aromatic intensity, clean and well produced.
Finish: medium long, medium intense, loads of spices and sweet fruit, nice fresh and clean acidity, mild and spicy tannins, elegant, but by no means light, very aromatic, well balanced.

* A highly aromatic wine with the unique aroma pattern of the rare and regional (black) Morro d'Alba grape, loaded with spicy (cloves, pepper), red and black sweet fruit (cherry), a touch of flowers (wild rose). This pure, elegant, and medium bodied wine has a nice acidity, spicy and ripe (soft)  tannins, good intensity and is well balanced. A unique and very interesting wine contributing to the great diversity of aroma's and tastes in the world of wine.

- Drink this wine from now until I guess 2008, I have a feeling this type of wine could fade away quite suddenly, so follow it's development closely.

- This wine has a very pronounced character. Some will love it or will be intrigued by it, but also some will not like it at all. That is how it is with such an outspoken wine.  It is however a good thing producers dare to invest in this type of unique and highly regional wines.  Offering the true amateur excitement and satisfaction while exploring the world of wine. Do try such a wine a few times in your life. Do not be deterred because it is so different, after you have accustomed to its character, you may well be able to enjoy a whole new category or range of wines that will give you even more pleasure. Give yourself the chance to grow in your appreciation and broaden your horizon, how beautiful and delicious the wines produced from the well known grape varieties like Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon-Blanc can be, there is much more to like. Maybe you will start to like the other side of the "Cab and Chard" better. You will only know when you have tried it. I personally love classic Cabernet Sauvignon based wine, also some of my most beautiful experiences in wine tastings were with Chardonnay, but without the experiences of the other wines (including regional and rare wines with strange or new aroma's) my wine life would have been "shallow" compared to what I have experienced and enjoyed until now.  So be adventurous in exploring wine, you will have far more disappointments than following the safe route, but you will not miss a whole world of experiences and also pleasures.
This wine was produced in stainless steel to preserve its fruit and freshness.

- lotnr.: L 117.05.2

- tasted: 11-05-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 10 euro

- production: 10.000 bottles

- Accattoli srl, Via del Donatore, 25,  62010 Montefano (MC);  tel: +39.0733.850017 ; fax: +39.0733.850447;  e-mail: ; web site: