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Bodegas Garcia Revalo Viņa Adaja Verdejo 2005, D.O. Rueda. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: medium intense light green white.
Nose: expressive, very fresh, with clear box(hedge) green impressions, many minerals, some tropical ripe fruit (pineapple) and apples, very clean and clear, with depth and complexity, also refined and with a strong individual character.
Taste: very fresh, very dry, rich, very intense, spicy, with strong acidity, loads of minerals, many "green" nuances of box(hedge), green herbs and white fruit, a little touch of bitterness, exceptionally clean and refreshing, excellent balance.  Elegance with power.
Finish: long, intense, piquant acidity, clean, some richness, many minerals some white fruit, strong aromatic "green" and mineral style, more spicy , but not unlike Sauvignon-Blanc.

* Very refreshing dry white wine, very intense and piquant, but also with richness, depth and refinement, elegant and strong, expressive with green (box hedge) aroma's not unlike Sauvignon-Blanc, a wealth of mineral nuances, excellent balance and a super clean and clear character, all for a very affordable price.

- Drink this wine young, its youth and fresh character will probably fade quite soon, so do not be tempted to mature this wine, drink before 2008

- Like last vintage this is an amazingly fresh and expressive dry white wine from Spain. It is even stronger and more refined in character than the '04. All other aspects of the 2004 applies for this wine too: Its character suggests a cool climate origin but however Rueda is not one of Spain's hottest regions it certainly is much warmer than e.g. the French Loire region. Rueda has become the biggest source of clean fresh and modern styled and affordable Spanish dry white wine. The Verdejo is the most prestigious grape of this region. Together with careful vineyard management, timely harvesting and accurate vinification it is able to produce amazingly fresh and elegant wines with an attractive richness. Too often however, Verdejo grapes are turned into too pungent wines, sometimes too acid or green. It is not easy to get the balance right, in 2005 Bodegas Garcia Revalo has just done that with their delicious and surprisingly affordable Viņa Adaja.

- lotnr.: L 03 / 05

- tasted: 12-06-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 6  euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas Garcia Revalo, Mr. Antonio Revalo,  Plaza San Juan, 4,  47230 Matapozuelos (Valladolid), Spain.  tel.: + 34-983 83 29 14 ;  fax.: + 34-983 83 29 14 ; e-mail: