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Alto Cuevas tinto Tempranillo 2004, D.O. Utiel  Requena

Colour: dark red with purple.
Nose: expressive, warm, mild, with lots of spicy and sun drenched fruit (brambles, berries), very straight, very youthful and very clean, not refined, but honest.
Taste: expressive, loads of young and a bit savage fruit (brambles, berries), warm, but with a fresh acidity, lots of piquant tannins, some impressions of orange peel, very straight forward, enough ripe fruit and (medium) body to support the tannins and acidity. Well balanced, not deep, nor complex.
Finish: quite powerful, straight, with many (young) tannins, but enough fruit and body to compensate, freshness, and impressions of spices at the end.

* Straight forward wine, with lots of character (young, piquant tannins, opulent fruit) and a nice acidity, expressive fruitiness, spices and a warm character, unpretentious, maybe a bit rustic, but highly enjoyable. Cheap wine, great value for money.

- Drink this wine young, its youth and expressive fruitiness are highly enjoyable if you are not afraid of some (ripe) piquant tannins. Maturing this wine is not a good idea, I doubt the tannins will melt away, but the fruit certainly will.

- A vast wine producer that markets impressive volumes of wine also for other producers in the area around Valencia. Prices range from unbelievable cheap up to medium expensive. Sometimes there are great bargains to be found. This wine is really cheap and has a lot of character to offer it will not suit everyone's taste, but I selected it because of its very honest and straight forward character that represents the region, climate and the grape very well. Do not expect depth refinement or complexity for such a low price. Still this wine has a lot to offer for the money.

- lotnr.: L 5 - 1 - 19

- tasted: 25-02-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 3,50  euro

- average production: no indication

- Anecoop, Wines Department, Mr. GaŽl Picard, Calle Monforte, 1 - Entrlo, 46010 Valencia, Spain;  Tel: +34 963938509 ; Fax: +34 963938572 / 963390809 ;  e-mail:  web site: