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Monte Armantes Garnacha Tempranillo tinto 2005, D.O. Calatayud.**HERITAGE WINE**

Color: very dark red, with purple nuances.
Nose: warm, rich and intense, with very ripe fruit (berries, brambles) but also fresh fruit, peppery nuances, not unlike a good Côtes du Rhône, a suggestion of vanilla, spices, minerals, very clean and with some depth, concentration and complexity.
Taste: great intensity with power, freshness, richness, full bodied, strong acidity, strong, spicy and ample tannins, good length, loaded with nuances of ripe and fresh fruit, impressions of eau-de-vie, bold and straight character, honest, clean, warm, vibrant, still young and a bit fierce, but with a good intense core and matching juiciness, great tension and excellent balance.
Finish: long, intense, fanning-out, lots of spices, fruit, young tannins and impressions of crushed grape skin, very clean, honest, fresh.

* This vibrant wine has power, intensity, freshness, concentration, depth, loads of lovely, complex and ripe, fresh fruit, spices and minerals. Still a bit young and bold, is also impressively honest and straightforward with an excellent balance. Highest quality medium-range wine: a real bargain.

- Drink this wine young in it's fruity years, will keep several years, will gain some extra quality, but not much. Enjoy its irreplaceable vibrant and bold character when its young and full of swing. Keep until ca. 2009

- Big producer of very affordable and bold Calatayud wines, modern, fruity style with lots of character and never short on alcohol, but with ample acidity.

- alternative label (same wine): Tres Ojos

- lotnr.: L - 6361

- tasted: 22-02-’07  (open bottle lasted upto a month)

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50 euro

- average production: no indication

- San Gregorio Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada, (BODEGA SAN GREGORIO), Mr. Alejandro,  Ctra De Villalengua S/N, 50312 Cervera De La Cañada, (Zaragoza), Spain; tel.: +34-976899206 ,  fax.: +34-976896240  / e-mail:   Web site: