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Attiya Garnacha rosado 2003, D.O. Calatayud.

Colour:quite deep rosé, with some purple hints.
Nose: expressive, with nice, ripe fruit (strawberry, raspberry, bramble), some sweetness, some peppery nuances, hints of minerals and yeast and lively freshness (acidity).
Taste: dry, full-bodied, fresh, quite powerful, some alcohol, a tiny touch of tannin, mild bitters, lots of rip red fruit, some herbs, pepper and minerals, refreshing and easy to drink. Not deep, not refined, not complex, but delicious.
Finish: not very long, very clean, mild, with enough fresh acidity, a touch of bitters that are well integrated in the subtle sweetness, nice mineral twist at the end.

* This is the type of rosé that deserves more appreciation: easy drinking, full-bodied, fresh, just enough concentration to match well with food and not too much so it is a perfect aperitif, interesting spicy fruit, ripe, very clean and well balanced.

- Drink as young as possible, fruit will fade with time, the body and acidity will keep this wine alive well into 2005.

- Big producer of very affordable and reliable Calatayud wines, modern style, made for pleasure, emphasis on fruit and body, never short on alcohol, but always with good acidity.

- alternative label (same wine): Viñas de Miedes

- lotnr.: L - 4175

- tasted: 27-07-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 4 euro

- average production: no indication

- Sociedad Cooperativa "San Alejandro", Ctra. Calatayud, 4, 50330 Miedes (Zaragoza, Spain), tel.: + 34-976892205 / +34-976892116, fax.: + 34-976890540 / e-mail: Export manager: Mrs. Yolanda Diaz.
Web site: