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Domaine de Beauséjour-Judell  Cabernet -Merlot "Cuvée Impatience" 2001, V.d.P. d'Oc

Colour: very dark purple red, almost black.
Nose: intense, compact, with toasted wood, smoky nuances, with vanillin and spices, fruit already emerging, sweet and ripe, impressions of fresh grape skin, soft and warm balance.
Taste: very full-bodied, warm, powerful, rich, intense, but also round and mild, not at all elegant, a bit short on concentration and depth in the mid palate, with ample soft and seductive, spicy wood, sweet berry fruit, super soft and ripe tannins, very well balanced, polished and obviously "New World" (Australian / Chilean) in style.
Finish: deliciously soft, sweet seductive and balanced, very polished with super smooth tannins, however a bit short and lacking in depth and definition.

* Full throttle wine, warm, rich, full-bodied, succulent and seductive, with obvious wood and sweet, super ripe fruit, not the last word in depth, refinement, or elegance, but carefully produced to provide maximum pleasure.  Environmentally friendly produced "New World" style wine, surprisingly rich and smooth for its French origin.

- Already delicious, will offer great pleasure during the next few years until ca. 2006, however don't keep this wine too long.

- A beautiful example what can be achieved in the south of France by careful and innovative vineyard care (high trellis, Terra Vitis integrated viticulture) low yields (40 hl/ha.) careful vinification and élevage (a.o. 12 month new barriques for Merlot on the fine lees of Chardonnay).

- lotnr.: L 02 / 213 J

- tasted: 08-11-’03 (tasted many times before since april '03, consistent notes)

- estimated retail price ca. 10 euro

- average production: ca. 13.000 bottles

- Domaine de Beauséjour-Judell, RN9, TM 14, 34800 Nebian, tel.: + 33-467 96 27 80 / fax.: + 33-467 96 39 57 / e-mail: / web site: