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Cave  Les Costières de Pomérols "Beauvignac" Sauvignon-Blanc 2005, V.d.P. d'Oc

Colour: intense green with yellow tinge.
Nose: expressive, fresh, with lots of flowery nuances, very Sauvignon-Blanc with both ripe and green nuances, some yeast, very mineral style, very clean, intense, rich, as well as piquant, lots of nuances,  depth and even complexity, has some classy aspects, borders on (aromatic) over extraction, but excellent aroma definition, a tiny touch of reduction.
Taste: very fresh, very intense, full-bodied, lots of extract, piquant (CO2 and strong acidity), some alcohol and yeast, some slight bitter nuances balancing the richness and acidity, crystal clear, impressive capable wine making, high extraction, but very compact and concentrated wine with loads of nuances, as clean and clear as possible.
Finish: impressive: quite powerful, long, with serious concentration, delicious combination of richness, freshness and beautiful, crystal clear fruit with strong and refreshing acidity.

* A serious, very intense, highly extracted, powerful, dry and expressive white wine, combining both the attractive ripe and green qualities of the Sauvignon-Blanc grape, with lots of fruity and flowery nuances next to the uplifting yeasty and mineral impressions, rich and fresh, powerful and elegant, in a crystal clear style. Impressive high-tech wine making has resulted in an exciting "regular" and very affordable Vin de Pays with a touch of class. Excellent value for money.

- Delicious, will offer pleasure throughout 2006 and well into 2007, however drink this wine young.

- A great effort producing so much quality in such an affordable wine. Those who do not like strongly extracted wines probably will not rate this wine so high, and I must admit extraction is stretched to the limit and there are also some hints towards bitterness and rubbery nuances (very distant) because of this, but all other aspects in this wine are so good I rate this wine very highly.  This wine shows how good a "regular" Sauvignon-Blanc can be if it is produced with utmost care and vision. This wine also shows the potential of the Midi, a fact that is badly needed in these difficult times for hard working wine producers.

- lotnr.: L 608/SA3

- tasted: 12-06-’06 (still delicious after 2 weeks in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 5 euro

- average production: ca. 200.000 bottles

- Cave cooperative de vinification Les Costières de Pomérols", 34810 Pomérols, tel.: + 33-467 77 01 59 / fax.: + 33-467 77 77 21 / e-mail: / web site:
- Export agent: D.A.D., Z.A. La Plaine 8, Avenue de l’Europe, 34830 Clapiers (France), tel.: + 33-467 55 90 90 / fax.: + 33-467 55 06 36 / e-mail: / web site: