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Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Gewürztraminer Hahnenberg 2003, A.C. Alsace

Colour:  intense yellow with a hint of green.
Nose: expressive, with many sweet, very ripe and spicy white fruit, some wild roses, many minerals, a touch of smoke, spices, quite complex, deep, and nuanced, elegant for a Gewürztraminer, well defined, not overblown, excellent balance, very clean, pure and ripe (nearly vendange tardive) style.
Taste: full-bodied, powerful, rich, round, very soft and silky, a touch of sweetness, some obvious alcohol, but also sufficient refreshing acidity, lots of intense mineral nuances, dried white fruit, some wild roses, a touch of smoke, an attractive tiny bit of mild bitterness, very clean and pure, all ingredients complementing and balancing each other perfectly, rich without being heavy, has some refinement too, not unlike an elegant vendange tardive.
Finish: intense, expressive, coming up strongly, with sweetness, richness, spices, aroma's of white fruit, wild flowers, some smoke, many minerals, nice acidity, very good balance.

* A remarkable Gewürztraminer in vendange tardive style: a beautiful mix between expressive richness, velvety smoothness and mineraly freshness, elegance and purity. Has beautiful clean spicy fruit and flower nuances, a touch of sweetness and smoke, this eco wine is also excellently balanced.

- This wine is well emerging into an expressive, but also well defined and controlled style. The very good balance suggests a good maturation potential, however the wine is now already very delicious. Will grow into something even more interesting in one or two years, (less sweet and fruity, but more spicy and smoky) will keep until ca. 2009

- Ecologically produced wine from a strong minded and quality oriented producer.  2003 was exceptionally hot and dry (and difficult) in Europe, also in Alsace. This wine has the confit richness because of this, but does display a healthy and surprising acidity. It is richer, a fraction less fresh in style compared to the norm at Bernhard & Reibel, but it has that magic nearly vendange tardive touch of wealth combined with purity and enough freshness. This domaine aims for elegance, purity and terroir instead of the regrettably fashionable pursuit of sweetness, intensity and wealth of too many Alsatian wine producers.

- lotnr.: 0361

- tasted: 04-03-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 12 euro

- average production: ca. 4.500 bottles

- Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Earl., 20 Rue de Lorraine, 67730 Châtenois, tel.: + 33-388 82 04 21 / fax.: + 33-388 82 59 65 / e-mail:, web site: