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Domaine Bernhard & Reibel, Pinot Blanc 2002, A.C. Alsace. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very light yellow with green tinge.
Nose: expressive, with very much fresh and ripe fruit (pineapple, apple), some yeasty nuances and an underlying sweet richness of raisins (confit), minerals, grapey, nearly a Pinot Gris, but fresher and more juicy, some waxy nuances in the background.
Taste: very fresh, round, some richness, delicious fine and ripe fruit,  a slight hint of sweetness, minerals, some spice nuances, good intensity, perfect balance between all the elements, mouth watering and refreshing.
Finish: this is quite impressive for a Pinot Blanc: very intense, long, powerful, very fresh, with a creamy richness, multi layered fruit and minerals, clean and again mouth watering, just great!

* A stunning Pinot Blanc with an impressive freshness in combination with power, richness and nuances in a crystal clear style. As delicious as a Pinot Blanc can be, nearly a Pinot Gris in style (creamy richness, nuances) but fresher, more upfront, more expressive fruity, great combination of intensity, freshness, nuances and drinking pleasure. Eco-wine.

- Considering the aftertaste this wine will gain in nose and taste. Will keep some years, but don't drink this wine too mature as it loses more than it gains in two or more years.

- An excellent achievement from this serious and passionate producer of ecologically produced wines. Pinot Blancs of this quality and style are very rare indeed. This is the type of wine you will take as a reference for Alsatian Pinot Blancs. There may be more serious and more ambitious Pinot Blancs around, but not for this price, however these "more serious" Pinot Blancs are not likely to beat this wine on drinking pleasure: this Pinot Blanc is so natural and it gives you all Pinot Blanc is good at.

- lotnr.:

- tasted: 27-01-’04 (still delicious after 3 weeks in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 7,50 euro

- average production: ca. 8000 bottles

- Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Eārl., 20 Rue de Lorraine, 67730 Châtenois, tel.: + 33-388 82 04 21 / fax.: + 33-388 82 59 65 / e-mail:, web site: