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Domaine Bernhard & Reibel, Pinot Blanc 2005, A.C. Alsace.

Color: very light yellow with green tinge.
Nose: medium expressive, fresh, with some fruit, minerals, flowers and herbs, also creamy and a hint of complexity, still young and a bit closed.
Taste: dry, intense, very fresh, clean, with impressions of minerals, herbs and white fruit, a touch of earthiness, yeast, some hidden richness, compact core, young and a bit closed-up, good balance.
Finish: quite long, clean, fresh, intense, with a scintillating acidity,  herbs, earthy nuances, minerals, fruit, still young.

* An dry, intense, clean, fresh and compact Pinot Blanc, still young, with minerals, herbs, white fruit and an underlying richness, pure and honest style, Eco wine.

- This wine will improve through 2007, will gain in richness, complexity and definition, but will remain fresh and pure in style. Do not keep this wine much longer than say until mid 2008.

- A nice and very pleasant wine from a serious and dedicated producer aiming at an honest, pure and terroir driven style. 2005 has not yielded the richest wines in Pinot Blanc, but the refreshing, uncomplicated and pure style suits the Pinot Blanc very well and makes it a great pleasure to drink.


- lotnr.: 0520

- tasted: 05-12-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 7,00 euro

- average production: ca. 10.000 bottles

- Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Eàrl., 20 Rue de Lorraine, 67730 Châtenois, tel.: + 33-388 82 04 21 / fax.: + 33-388 82 59 65 / e-mail:, web site: