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Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Pinot Gris Weingarten 2002, A.C. Alsace

Colour: deep and intense yellow- green.
Nose: a bit closed up, some sweet and fresh white fruit, some herbs, spices and minerals, a touch of honey and caramel. After some time in the glass more expressive.
Taste: quite full-bodied, powerful, rich, touch of sweetness, strong and clean acidity, alcohol, round, smooth with good juicy and fresh fruit, loads of minerals, some yeast nuances, great texture and good concentration, great balance, however the constituents need some time to integrate fully.
Finish: intense, expressive, coming up strongly, with many minerals, some fruit, herbs and spices, some alcohol and strong, clean acidity.

* Still a bit young and shy on the nose, but already showing good potential, dense Vieilles Vignes character, concentrated, rich, but also very fresh because of the strong acidity and loads of minerals, needs time to settle and integrate, good and character full, attractively dry Pinot Gris, rich but not at all heavy.

- Maybe a bit too young to show all the hidden potential, especially in the nose, but already providing huge drinking pleasure, will improve over the next few years, will gradually change from the fresh mineral style into a more spicy, nutty and caramel type of wine. Drink now -  ca. 2008

- Ecologically produced wine from a strong minded and quality oriented producer. Excels in some years in several grape varieties. 2002 intensifies the already strong, dry and mineral style of the wines, especially the Pinot Blanc and Riesling Vieilles Vignes are particularly fine in this vintage. Distinctive clean and fresh style Pinot Gris compared to the many sweet and exuberant luxurious Alsatian Pinot Gris of today. This wine proves the unique style the Alsace is capable of: the rare combination of the elegance and raciness of the best German wines with the rich vinosity of the great French dry whites.

- lotnr.:

- tasted: 27-01-’04 (still delicious after 3 weeks in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 12 euro

- average production: ca. 4000 bottles

- Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Eàrl., 20 Rue de Lorraine, 67730 Châtenois, tel.: + 33-388 82 04 21 / fax.: + 33-388 82 59 65 / e-mail:, web site: