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Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Riesling  Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 2002, A.C. Alsace. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: intense yellow green.
Nose: quite rich, very fresh, compact, clean, young, with a lot of fruit (pineapple, apple) many beautiful nuances with "confit" or raisins, some minerals and yeasty notes, very complex, deep and crystal clear, very impressive.
Taste: strong, powerful, very concentrated, intense, richness, beautiful and complex fruit, loads of minerals, strong and clean-cut acidity, striking balance, deep and broad, still remaining elegant and refined.  Already very well integrated. Very impressive!
Finish: very long, intense, coming up with great and clean fruit, minerals, loads of freshness, richness, delicious, refreshing and crystalline.

* A young and extravert Riesling of very high quality, impressively fresh, intense, complex and richness to match. Impeccable clean and complex fruit, beautiful mineral freshness and complexity, powerful, yet elegant and refined. Clean, dry, intense, complex, elegant style Riesling. Eco-wine, excellent value.

- Now already excellent drinking, may continue to provide pleasure during the next few years, will change into a more earthy wine with mature Riesling character (firne), will keep until ca. 2007.

- Serious and passionate producer of ecological wines. An Alsatian wine of this quality and style is very rare these day's, the producers' tendency to seek more extract and richness in their high quality cuves results most of the times in sweeter white wines. These sweeter wines have an easier appeal to a broad audience, wines that are easily recognized as high quality even by the inexperienced. The dry and classic type like this Vieilles Vignes however offers all the greatness of the Alsace: the elegance, freshness and refinement of the best German wines together with the rich vinosity of the best French dry whites.

- lotnr.:

- tasted: 27-01-’04 (still delicious after 3 weeks in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 9 euro

- average production: ca. 6500 bottles

- Domaine Bernhard & Reibel Eàrl., 20 Rue de Lorraine, 67730 Châtenois, tel.: + 33-388 82 04 21 / fax.: + 33-388 82 59 65 / e-mail:, web site: