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Domaine Boudau Muscat de Rivesaltes  2003, A.C. Muscat de Rivesaltes Vin Doux Naturel .

Colour: very light yellow with green tinge.
Nose: very expressive, sweet, with lovely spicy muscat, some dried orange peel and minerals with a touch of fresh citrus, very clean and open, with some depth.
Taste: round, rich, sweet, unctuous, very velvety, some spices, some minerals, nice and ripe muscat aroma's, excellent cleanliness, some depth very good balance between richness, sweetness, alcohol, aroma's and extract..
Finish: long, intense, warm, quite sweet, rich, with beautiful raisiny fruit, ripe muscat aroma, a touch of elegance, and again with that lovely cleanliness.

* A very good, ripe, rich and sweet muscat, fortified, thus with natural unfermented sweetness of the grapes, with excellent purity of fruit, unctuous, very smooth and round, with some elegance and depth.

- Drink from now on, will keep its lovely fruit for at least a year or two, but will not improve, fruit will be traded for caramel and other more mature nuances, its clean fruit makes it so attractive.

- 2003 was a very hot and dry year in all of Europe, Roussillon was no exception to that. This wine is richer and sweeter than its predecessor of 2002 with aroma's more developing towards orange peel instead of the fresher dominantly minerally citrus of 2002. Still the 2003 has enough elegance and has more richness than the 2002. Boudau also makes great other wines both dry and sweet.  Not yet discovered top class producer of Roussillon wines, not cheap, but well worth the money.

- lotnr.: L 803144070

- tasted: 07-06-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 12 euro

- average production: 20.000 bottles

- Domaine Boudau (Véronique & Pierre Boudau), 6, Rue Marceau, 66600 Rivesaltes, France, tel.: + 33-468644537, fax.: + 33-468644626, e-mail:, web site: