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Bricco Rosso "Suagną"  2001, D.O.C. Langhe Rosso

Colour: intense, dark red brown.
Nose:  quite expressive, mature, with beautiful hints of spices, vanilla, smoke and rich, sweet dried fruits. Elegant, refined, but also multi layered and complex.
Taste:  medium bodied, excellent balance between wood, extract of fruit, acidity, tannins, complex nuances of spices, earth, smoke, dried fruits, some minerals, wood and next to the concentration a piquant and uplifting acidity.  Complex, elegant and multi layered.
Finish: long, with some dry, but spicy tannins, nice acidity, mature, earthy nuances, clean and well balanced.

* Impressively well crafted wine, with the beautiful combination of freshness, intensity, earthy, serious fruit aroma's from the terroir and restrained, supportive oak, complexity, depth and above all excellent balance.

- Drink this wine between now and 2006 - 2007, is at its peak now, will probably not improve with age.

- This wine could be a good example for many much more expensive Piemontese wines. The blend of 60% Nebbiolo and 40% Dolcetto, obviously from old vines with low yields is showing the great potential of the lesser known DOC from the region, cultivated by a quality oriented and motivated wine producer. Almost Burgundian in style this wine is highly recommended for its price.

- lotnr.: L 014131

- tasted: 30-09-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 11 euro

- average production: not indicated

- Azienda Agricola Bricco Rosso, 12060 Farigliano (CN) Italia, tel.: + 39-0173 76768 / + 39-0173 76666, fax.: + 39-0173 76690, e-mail: / web site:
- export agent: Cantine Manfredi, Mrs. Anna Cotella, tel.: + 39-0173 76666, fax.: + 39-0173 76690e-mail: web site: