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Domaine des Brus Merlot 2001, V.d.P. d'Oc

Colour:very dark, intense purple red
Nose: very intense, rich and ripe, pure and dominantly Crème de Cassis, some spices, prunes, game, wild berries, smoke, quite "sauvage".
Taste: full-bodied, soft, mild, round, warm, silky, rich and spicy, intense ripe and a touch overripe fruit, Crème de Cassis, prunes.
Finish: very soft, round, velvety, a tiny bit alcoholic, with loads of ripe fruit, some impressions of smoke and caramel..

* This is a silky, velvety soft wine with loads of fruit (crème de cassis, prunes) and some spices. Full-bodied, rich and warm in style, gamey "sauvage" fruit from the beautiful terroir, very strong aromatic personality, very easy, almost New-World-smooth taste.

- Very good drinking now, will keep for a year or so, it already is so delicious now, I do not recommend keeping it, drink before 2006.

- Ripeness of fruit is the key factor with this producer (Domaine de la Coste in Saint Christol, Languedoc) and it shows in his wines. They are nearly always ripe, soft, rich and packed with terroir driven fruit. They do not have the modern freshness in the fruit, they all show their attractive origin from a warm region. Easy to drink, packed with unique character. Not for the aromatically faint-hearted despite the silky smooth mouth feel. Excellent value for money.

- lotnr.: not indicated

- tasted: 13-09-’04 (tasted 2 times, consistent notes)

- estimated retail price ca. 6,50 euro per bottle

- average production: ca. 20.000 bottles

- Domaine de La Coste, 34400 Saint-Christol, Mrs. & Mr. Elisabeth & Luc Moynier,  tel.: + 33-467860210 / + 33-467866527 ; fax.: + 33-467860771 ; e-mail:  web site: