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Cabeço do Lobo  tinto 2005, D.O.C. Douro  **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: dark red with purple.
Nose: expressive, spicy and fruity, cedar, sandalwood, pepper, cherries, balsamic nuances, warm and pure, not refined, nor deep.
Taste: intense, compact, medium bodied, strong, with alcohol, spices, warm, fruity, hinting at Port, not refined, a touch austere, extremely honest and straight, well balanced.
Finish: medium long, a bit alcoholic, intense, spicy, with a touch of sweetness, some fruit, some young tannins and mild acidity, straightforward.

* A straightforward and very authentic wine, packed with spicy and warm nuances: pepper, cedar and sandalwood, ripe and Port-like fruit, compact constitution with medium body and still young (ripe) tannins, not refined or deep, but full of character, easy enough to drink and extremely honest in style. Very good value for money.

- Is already drinking very well,  will improve and soften a bit this and next year. But do not attempt to keep this wine much longer, the mild acidity will not be able to sustain its maturation for many years.  Drink before 2008/9

- Very good (modern) wine making in a region with huge potential. This wine is not ambitious, it lacks depth and complexity, but it is so well made and the style is so honest I have a soft spot for this authentic wine, expressing its terroir very well. This wine really proves you do not need a great wine to show the provenance of a wine, you only have to have the good raw materials and do the job properly. This producer and the export agent have done a great job and deserve respect for that.

- lotnr.: L no indication found

- tasted: 26-09-'06

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50 - 5,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Cooperativa de Viticultores e Olivicultores de Freixo de Numào, Lugar das Olgas, Estrada Nacional nº 324, 5155 – 203, Freixo de Numão ; tel.: +351 279 780 010 / fax: +351 279 789 599  / e-mail:;  web site:
- Export agent: Vinko, Rua Candido dos Reis, 575, 4400-075 Villa Nova de Gaia, tel.: + 351-22 377 33 30 / fax.: + 351-22-375 37 35 / e-mail: / web site: