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Carril de Cotos blanco semi dulce 2006, Viño de la Tierra de Castilla

Color: light yellow with some green, a tiny micro bubble of CO2.
Nose: fresh, soft, with some sweetness, white fruit (pineapple, apple) some ripeness, a touch of herbs, clean, not too much sulfur, well balanced and honest.
Taste: mild, fresh, very soft, round, semi-sweet, but fresh in style, some fruit, apple, pear, clean, simply delicious, honest not complex, not unlike a good semi sweet Bergerac.
Finish: clean, semi sweet, but fresh with good acidity, round and soft.

* A good semi sweet white wine, resembles in many aspects a good semi sweet white Bergerac, has clean fruit, richness, softness and above all a nice and lively acidity. Very good price/quality ratio, surprising style from this wine region

- Drink this wine young, the fresh fruit and sweetness are most enjoyable now, this wine is not a keeper, drink before 2009.

- A vast wine producer that produces this very good and really cheap semi sweet white wine. This wine is proof of the great strides in quality made in this region. Investment has been the buzzword here, you can taste it in most wines now. This is Spain's biggest easy drinking and affordable wine region. Not only the basic wines are regularly good, but also in the higher quality levels more and more interesting wines appear. This wine has a lot to offer for the money and competes without any problem with more reputed, similar styled wines from France or elsewhere.

- lotnr.: L 09/06 CCSD

- tasted: 17-09-’07

- estimated retail price ca. € 4,00 

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas San Isidro de P. Muñoz , Mr. Mario Martínez Ramirez, C/2 de Mayo, 21 - 13620 Pedro de Muñoz (Cuidad Real);  Tel: +34 646968173 ;  e-mail:    ;  web site: