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Casa Monfrare Monastrell - Cabernet Sauvignon Barrica 2003, D.O. Valencia

Colour: quite intense and deep red with a hint of purple.
Nose: expressive, very fine combination of warm spices, jammy, berry fruit, complex balsamic nuances and an delicious hint of creamy vanilla of the ageing in wood. Well judged use of oak, very well balanced aroma's, also some freshness.
Taste: quite powerful, intense, with strong tannins, fresh acidity, ripe fruit, spices, balsamic nuances, creamy oak and a touch of alcohol (warm), surprisingly supple for the amount of young and piquant tannins, very clean style, very good balance, nice depth.
Finish: reasonably long, with very nice, clean and ripe fruit in combination with spices, balsamic nuances, some vanilla, a touch of smoke, enough freshness. Well integrated tannins.

* Strong and modern ecologically produced wine with some complexity and depth, very fruity, very clean and interestingly spicy with some balsamic nuances, very well integrated tannins and some supportive creamy oak.

- This wine is drinking quite well at the moment, the fruit is attractive and the tannins provide enough backbone for tasty dishes. Will develop some more complexity over time, will also become a bit softer.  Drink between now and 2008

- There are great things going on in Spain. The last decade have showed a great leap forward in terms of quality.  Not only technique, but even more important the mentality has shifted towards quality. Another very encouraging development is the trend directing to ecological wine production. Especially the southern parts of Spain are very favourable for this type of sympathetic and respectable viticulture.  This producer is not simply following the trendy cabernet trail, but using this grape to enhance the quality of the wine while retaining the characteristic aroma's and structure of the wines from this region.  An intelligent approach that is in my opinion the only long term solution for the small and medium scaled wine producers in the "old world".
This producer shows he is able to produce high quality ecological wines with a strong character for a very reasonable price.

- lotnr.: 24 04

- tasted: 01-12-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 6,5 euro

- average production: 50.000 bottles

- Bodegas Los Frailes, Mr. Daniel Villanueva, Fontanars dels Alforins, E-46635  Valencia, Espaņa. Export manager tel.:  mobile: + 32-473 73 13 51; Fax (Spain): + 34-96 336 31 53; e-mail:; web site: