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Casata Monfort Pinot Grigio 2003, D.O.C. Trentino

Colour: light green white.
Nose: beautiful, a bit restrained, fresh, complex, with a hint of sweetness, some rich and creamy nuances, some yeast, minerals. Clean, elegant and refined with some depth.
Taste: dry, fresh, quite intense, nice richness, but not overwhelming, a lot of complex nuances of minerals, fruit, a whiff of vanillin, a subtle touch of caramel, strong backbone of acidity, balanced by restrained richness, compact and with depth. Beautifully balanced wine.
Finish: very long, intense, multi layered, with a load of intense, fresh and clear mineral and fruity nuances, with an subtle impression of sweetness caused by the richness.

* Subtlety, elegance, intensity, complexity, restraint, together with many clean and clear nuances of minerals, fruit, a subtle touch of caramel arranged around a strong core of acidity. Very well balanced. A wine with a noble character that is not trying to impress or seduce, but that is both highly interesting and delicious.

- Drinking very well at this moment, will develop into a more complex, but less refreshingly fruity wine. Will keep until 2006, or maybe even a bit longer.

- This is an excellent example of the classic Italian white wine style: restrained, fresh, elegant, subtle and yet highly interesting. More Mozart than Mahler. You really have to do everything right in this type of wine because every, even the smallest  mistake or problem shows immediately. There is no oak, fruit, sweetness or extra richness to cover it. The producer of this wine deserves great respect.

- lotnr.: L 04 02 (bottle nr.: 00417)

- tasted: 19-03-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 8,5 euro

- average production: ca. 18.000 bottles

- Vinicola Simoni S.a.S. di Simoni Lorenzo, Via Carlo Sette, 21.,  38015 Lavis (Trento) tel.: + 39-0461-246353 /  fax.: + 39-0461-241043 / e-mail: / web site: