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Casata Monfort Blanc de Sers 2003, I.G.T. Vigneti delle Dolomiti. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: deep, but light yellow green.
Nose: quite expressive, with obvious Muscat aroma's, very fresh, elegant, flowers, some white fruit and minerals. Delicious, clean, also nuanced and quite stylish.
Taste: very dry, very fresh, piquant, with loads of mineral nuances, some green herbs, white fruit next to the Muscat aroma's, very young and crystal clear.
Finish: very intensely fresh, with strong and piquant acidity, very clean, a tiny little prickle of carbon dioxide, with minerals and some green herbs next to the muscat.

* immensely fresh dry white wine, strong fruity muscat character in combination with many minerals, some flowers and white fruit. Elegant and crystal clear character with strong acidity, refreshing as a breeze of  mountain air.

- Drinking very well at this moment, will probably keep until 2006, I doubt it will improve with age.

- A very single minded wine with a refreshing contrast: the sweet fruit of the nose against the immensely fresh taste. Very strong character which virtue is its clean character and not its fullness or mellowness. Made of a blend of  at least 70% autochtonous grape varieties (Wanderbara, Vernaza, Veltliner Rosato and Nosiola), perfect expression of grape and vineyard.

- lotnr.: L 04 13

- tasted: 30-09-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 8,5 euro

- average production: ca. 6600 bottles

- Vinicola Simoni S.a.S. di Simoni Lorenzo, Via Carlo Sette, 21.,  38015 Lavis (Trento) tel.: + 39-0461-246353 /  fax.: + 39-0461-241043 / e-mail: / web site: