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Bodegas Avelino Vegas Cerrosol Verdejo 2006, D.O. Rueda. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: intense yellow with some green in the center.
Nose: very expressive, rich, ripe and fresh, with beautiful ripe fruit (pineapple, mango), elderflower, very fresh, some minerals, very pleasant and surprisingly complex and ripe for a Rueda Verdejo.
Taste: very fresh, very dry, intense, compact, with a slight bitterness, but also clean fruit (pineapple, mango, apple), minerals, very good balance.
Finish: medium long, intense, piquant acidity, some pepper, minerals, clean fruit (mango, apple) a touch of sweetness, but still dry and very well balanced.

* Very expressive and dry white wine, impressive ripe and complex fruit combined with a piquant freshness, strong minerality and a very good balance. Who thinks Spain is not a white wine country must try this wine, let yourself be surprised. Excellent quality for the price.

- Drink this wine young, its fresh character will probably fade soon, do not keep it too long, drink before 2010

- Rueda has become the biggest source of clean fresh and modern styled and affordable Spanish dry white wine. The Verdejo is the most prestigious grape of this region. Together with careful vineyard management, timely harvesting and accurate vinification it is able to produce amazingly fresh and elegant wines with an attractive richness. Too often however, Verdejo grapes are turned into too pungent wines, sometimes too acid or green. It is not easy to get the balance right, in Cerrosol 2006 Bodegas Avelino Vegas has proven to master this grape excellently.

- lotnr.: L 7085 VE

- tasted: 17-12-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 7  euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas Avelino Vegas,  Real del Pino, 36, 40460 Santiuste (Segovia), Spain.  tel.: + 34-921 59 60 02 ;  fax.: + 34-921 59 60 35 ; e-mail: , web site: