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Terre des Chardons rouge 2004, V.d.P. d'Oc. **HERITAGE WINE**

color: medium dark red with some brown.
Nose: quite intense, very expressive with lots of mature fruit nuances, gamy-spicy Syrah-style with many warm-earthy and venison impressions. Quite complex and marked character, strong terroir-style.
Taste: medium-full bodied, very intense, round, supple, juicy mid palate, with ripe tannins, good refreshing acidity, warm, complex and intense mature black (forest) fruit, like black currants, impressions of earth,  game, venison, a touch of smoke, spices and minerals, very good balance, lots of terroir.
Finish: quite long, intense, warm with freshness, soft and aromatic, lots of mature and gamy fruit,  some spices, clean and pure.

* An organically produced fully mature red wine bursting with terroir: gamy fruit, spices and earthy nuances, very smooth and intense, complex, warm and ripe, very pure and honest style, its fresh acidity provides elegance and length. High quality wine with an intriguing and strong character.

- Very good drinking now, will probably keep for another year, drink before 2009.

- This is one of the increasing number of very good- excellent organically produced wines. This is not a wine for every one because of its strong aromatic character, but the smoothness will make many friends when paired with the right food (subtle dishes with game or red meat). Cheese could also be a good companion, make sure it is not too strong in character (so no blue cheeses please). Mainly made from Syrah (70%) grapes and the other part Grenache that originate from a (obviously) very good vineyard (terroir). Vinification: without sulfur and with indigenous yeasts.

- lotnr.: L 051108

- tasted: 25-01-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 8,50 euro

- average production: not known

- EARL Terre des Chardons, domaine Sainte Marie des Costières, 30127 Bellegarde, tel.: + 33-466 70 02 51  / fax.: + 33-466 70 07 28  / e-mail: / web site:
- Export agent: D.A.D., Z.A. La Plaine 8, Avenue de l’Europe, 34830 Clapiers (France), tel.: + 33-467 55 90 90 / fax.: + 33-467 55 06 36 / e-mail: / web site: