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Domaine Jean Claude Châtelain blanc 2002, A.C. Pouilly-Fumé. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: clear light yellow.
Nose: quite restrained, but with an impressive emerging complexity, sweet, almost confit nuances of white fruit, intermingled with earthy minerals and a distant whiff of smoke, very well balanced, not impressive in the sense of fruit or intensity, but showing great depth and class in a restrained way. Not an easy wine to appreciate: less opulent fruity than most, with strong terroir (earthy and smoky) based expression.
Taste: quite powerful, rich, but also compact and very restrained aroma's, with strong acidity and many mineral and earthy nuances, some white fruit, a touch of confit and a distant impression of smoke (flint), many nuances, but still good developing potential, Very good balance.
Finish: very long, intense, with strong acidity, some minerals and earthy nuances. Very clean and well balanced.

* A very classic example of Pouilly-Fumé: not the exuberant green or intense fruity Sauvignon-Blanc, but the more restrained, intense and earthy spicy version with strong acidity that matures into a highly complex minerally and earthy dry white wine with faint impressions of smoke.

- Drink from now, but will still improve over the next few years, turning into a more earthy and more complex white wine, losing its young and fresh character, but gaining more depth. Maybe not the most popular and easy to understand style of Pouilly Fumé, but very rewarding to meet, investigate and finally to enjoy.

- This is a famous producer, he deserves his reputation fully. His wines are very true to type and still reasonably priced compared to some of his colleagues.

- lotnr.: L ??

- tasted: 22-05-’05 (same wine -vintage- tasted 2 years ago: impressive wine, very intense, rich, fresh, with great potential.)

- estimated retail price ca. 13 euro

- average production: no accurate indication, varying depending the market.

- Domaine Châtelain, Mr. jean-Claude Châtelain, Les Berthiers, 58150 Pouilly-sur-Loire, Nièvre,   tel.: + 33-286 39 17 46 / fax.: + 33-386 39 01 13 / e-mail: