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Ciani Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso 2005, D.O.C. Grave del Friuli. **HERITAGE WINE**

color:  light purple red.
Nose:  quite expressive, fresh, with lots of young, rustic and  a bit gamy fruit (berries, cherries), spices, some impressions of tea, smoke and damp earth. Clean attractive, not refined or complex.
Taste:  fresh acidity, medium body, very smooth tannins, lots of juiciness, ripe fruit, a tiny suggestion of sweetness, soft and elegant, a touch of smoke,  a hint of gaminess, mild and supple with clear and specific, attractive and intriguing character.
Finish: medium long, fresh, supple and smooth, with some rustic tannins providing tension and giving a nice balancing twist, very fruity, spicy and a mild touch of sweetish bitterness. Very honest and straight wine.


* A very honest and straight wine, very smooth, soft and fresh, very fruity, earthy and spicy, with a specific aromatic, a slight rustic twist providing both character and tension to this easy drinking wine.


- Drink this wine from now on, it might be kept for a year or so, but I have serious doubts about the longevity of this wine as it is so smooth and supple. Drink at least before 2008.

- This wine is produced from 100% Refosco grapes. The full name: Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso (the Refosco with red stems/stalks). It seems the Mondeuse Noire from the French Arbois region is the same grape, producing a somewhat rustic red wine with "sauvage" fruity aroma's.  A fresh and supple character can be very attractive with those aromatics. This wine has a strong own character that is worth protecting and conserving.

- lotnr.: L 0606

- tasted: 04-10-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 7,00  euro

- production: not known

- Ciani Vini, Mr. Valter Ciani, via Pre Zaneto, 17, 33050 Percoto (Ud);  tel: +39-0432-676666 ;  e-mail: ; web site: