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Château Clamens rouge Julie 2005, A.C. Fronton. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: very deep and dark red (nearly black) with purple.
Nose: loads of earthy, balsamic, spicy and ripe black fruit, impressions of farmyard, some venison, minerals, cedar, quite exotic balsamic-fruity mix with concentration and depth, clean, honest and a touch rustic style.
Taste: powerful, intense, concentrated, good body, very good mid-palate, many spicy, young and ripe tannins providing great structure, minerals, freshness, warmth, fruit (cherry, bramble) many balsamic nuances and a whiff of aniseed, excellent balance, a touch rustic, very honest and clean, has tension and good depth.
Finish: very long, intense, powerful, spicy (pepper), balsamic, many ripe tannins, fruit and minerals, very good balance, clean and honest.

* Intense, powerful, strongly structured and singular wine with loads of spicy and earthy fruit, many balsamic and mineral impressions, strong tannins, a bit rustic, but very clean, honest and straight, great expression of terroir, not unlike a good Madiran.

- This wine is very good now, might improve a bit, but I doubt it will gain much quality as fruit and some tannins will be traded for earthy nuances and some less rustic structure. Will probably keep up to 2009, maybe longer.

- Château Clamens is a serious producer that makes strong and bold wines. Wines with a strong expression of its terroir, wines that show an attractive rusticity that provides tension and copes very well with rich dishes. Produced from 50% Négrette, 40% Syrah and 10% Cot (Malbec) (hence the aniseed impression?) Produced in Inox tanks. For more details on the region and wine styles: Opinion 6


- lotnr.: bottle nr.: 06 0240

- tasted: 14-05-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 7,50 euro per bottle

- average production: no indication

- Château Clamens, Béatrice & Jean Michel Bégué, 720 Chemin du Tapas, 31620 Fronton, Tel.: + 33-561 824 532 / Tel. mob.: + 33-627 390 391 ;  Fax.: + 33-562 792 173 ;  e-mail: