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I Clivi "Brazan"  2000, D.O.C. Collio Goriziano. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: lightish yellow, no green, with a slight hint of brown.
Nose:  restrained, fresh, with very little fruit, but with mainly green herbs and minerals, hay, some cooking apples, nuts, some flowers, after a few moments in the glass more expressive and increasingly complex and growing intensity, crystal clear and clean, still quite young and compact, multi layered, earthy. Very strong and unique style.
Taste:  great intensity, dry, very fresh, compact, but also creamy richness in the background, lots of potential, strong, multi layered, complex, earthy, mineral with green herbs and some flowers, impressive depth, nicely balanced bitter nuances, rich and scintillatingly fresh, strong acidity, but still compact and restrained (hidden potential). Excellent balance.
Finish: very, very long, intense, exceptionally fresh and powerful, earthy, with impressions of leaves, damp earth, nuts, hay, minerals, strong acidity, no obvious fruit, compact and still young with lots of potential. Excellent balance.

* This is an exceptional wine in both quality and style, unique and not easy to understand, completely different from the norm these days: restrained, no wood, not much fruit, but loaded with an impressive array of earthy, minerally, flowery and herby aroma's, great complexity, depth, concentration and purity in both nose and taste.  Still too young, but with great ageing potential. A wine from another era, a hidden treasure of classical excellence.

- Drink this wine somewhere between  2006 - 2008, maybe 2010. At this moment it is still quite fierce in character.

- This wine comes from another world. It is so different from the mainstream high quality wines so fashionable today. There is no sexy oak, no obvious fruit, no expressive character. This wine is all about terroir, complexity, freshness, purity and aromatic restraint. This wine is not made to please the crowd, it is an honest and devoted expression of the unfashionable (indigenous) grapes (Tocai Friulano 66%, Malvasia Istriana 25% and others 9%) the climate and the sloping vineyards of the "Collio" zone of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Northern Italy.  Crafted from old vines (>40 years old up to more than 60)  with very low yields (< 28 hl/ha) cold fermented with its own vineyards' yeast cultures with subsequent malolactic fermentation, matured in inox tanks on its own lees for 2 years, no racking or filtration. This is a wine as natural and original as you can get. No make-up of maceration préfermentaire or wood is used, this is pure grape juice transformed into wine.

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- lotnr.: L 5111

- tasted: 23-11-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 19 euro

- production: ca. 10.000 bottles

- Azienda Agricola I Clivi, Mr. Ferdinando Zanusso, Loc. Gramogliano 20, 33040 Corno di Rosazzo (UD) Italia, tel.: + 39-0432 753429,  fax.: + 39-0432 752263,  e-mail: ; web site: