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Comenge tinto Crianza  2003, D.O. Ribera del Duero.

Color:  very deep and dark purple red.
Nose: expressive, with dominantly ripe and clean, Jamey fruit (berries, cherries), warmth, a broad range of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg,) and wood nuances (vanilla, cedar), very clean and ripe, also with some depth and complexity.
Taste: mild, soft, with nice concentration and power, soft tannins, good acidity, elegant, a bit creamy with beautiful ripe and clean fruit, some alcohol, many spicy nuances, a touch of tobacco and smoke, some depth and refinement, very good balance because its (spot on) restrained extraction.
Finish: very long, pleasant and soft, but with good concentration, very nice fruit and many spices, excellent balance, good freshness, again elegant and powerful, also complex.

* A red wine with immaculate character, beautiful fruit, complex and refined spices, very well dosed oak and extraction, ample, but soft tannins, elegance and depth. A pure and very honest wine making many other Ribera del Duero wines look like overblown and chunky, even rude wines only wanting to impress rather than enchant the taster.

- Drink this wine from now until ca. 2009. It is so balanced it may live a bit longer, but it is so delicious and well balanced now, it will be hard to find arguments and motivation to store it away for some years.

- Refinement and balance are the keywords in this wine, power and concentration are all there, but they support the delicious and complex fruit and spicy nuances perfectly. This wine also shows what more can be produced in Ribera del Duero without going on the road of black and immensely concentrated wines that blow away the competition and one's tasting instrument.  Refinement is more difficult to achieve than just raw impressive power. There will be a time the value of elegant wines will be redefined. These wines not only offer a lot of pleasure during drinking with good food, they also offer aroma's and impressions that are undetectable in too many over extracted wines constructed to gather tasting points in blind tastings. Competition not always provides us with the best of life. Restraint can deliver its goods as well if used with moderation.

- lotnr.: bottle nr.: 09462

- tasted: 25-09-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 16  euro

- average production: 73.000 bottles

- Comenge Bodegas y Viņedos, Mr. A. Comenge, Camino del Castillo s/n , 47316 Curiel de Duero, Valladolid. Tel.: + 34-983880363 ; fax.: +34-983880717 ; e-mail: ; web site: