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Château de Corbiac  2002, A.C. Pécharmant

Colour: Very deep and dark, purple.
Nose: intense, creamy, with loads of earthy, black fruits and warm, damp earth, some spices, clear impression of laurel, some vanilla, clean and well made, not refined, but with many nuances, strong terroir expression.
Taste: quite full-bodied, powerful, with many impressions of liquorice, laurel, black fruits, spices, dominantly earthy nuances, a lot of tannins giving a dry impression, good acidity, very much resembling a strong, earthy red Bordeaux from the heavy soils, a lot of character, not refined, not deep and a touch rustic in style.
Finish: strong, quite long, with ample tannins, some dry tannins at the end, but also with a clean acidity, dominantly earthy and spicy nuances (laurel, liquorice, damp earth), clean and nice fruit.

* A strong wine expressing its heavy terroir very clearly, not refined, or elegant, but quite concentrated, powerful, and with many intense earthy and spicy impressions (liquorice, laurel), combined with clean and ripe black fruits, some rustic tannins and good acidity, combines well with strong regional dishes and game.

- Young, powerful and with ample tannins makes this wine a good match with strong food, the fruit is very attractive in combination with the earthiness, the fruit will fade and will gradually become more spicy and even more earthy (truffles), the tannins will soften a bit but this will never be a smooth wine, drink it now or between ca. 2007 - 2012.

- Pécharmant is sometimes called the Pomerol of the Bergerac. The terroir is less great, but there are certainly parallels. The Pécharmants in general are more rustic and less fine than Pomerols, but both have this special earthy core of fruit that can develop into something special with impressions of raisins, caramel and truffles. Ch. de Corbiac is a very well made wine that deserves attention, its character is strongly related to its origin, it is not an easy wine, but a clever mix of a modern and classic style: very good, clean fruit with strong tannins. A wine that may not please everybody with the first glass, but a wine that grows on you, a wine that will provide more and more pleasure when you know it better. A far cry from the modern easy to access new world wines that pleases everybody from the start, but that fail to keep your interest after some glasses, wines that can be tiring and boring in the end.

- lotnr.: ? (bottle nr.:104294)

- tasted: 13-09-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro per bottle

- average production: ca.  50.000 bottles

- Château de Corbiac, Pécharmant - 24100 Bergerac Mr. Antoine de Corbiac, tel.: + 33-553572075; fax.: + 33-553578998, e-mail:, web site: