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Château Couronneau  Blanc 2006, A.C. Bordeaux Blanc. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: very light yellow with some green.
Nose: expressive, fresh, fruity, mineral, a touch of sweetness (ripeness), vibrant, clean with a touch of herbs and some attractive " waxy" nuances. There is evidently some Sauvignon-Blanc character but also many mineral nuances and attractive richness (Sauvignon Gris).
Taste: dry, fresh, good concentration, scintillating acidity, lots of fruit and minerals, some herbs, yeast and an attractive bitterness, medium body, nice compact core, some richness, very clean and honest style, very good balance.
Finish: quite long, very fresh, with cleansing acidity, fruit, some flowers, a touch of herbs and tiny touch of bitterness, minerals, very clean and open style, very good balance.

* A really remarkable dry white Bordeaux with a strong personality, blend of Sauvignon-Blanc and Sauvignon-Gris: very fresh, fruity, some herbs, many mineral nuances, ripe, medium bodied with richness, concentration and a very clean and open style with a very good balance. Organically produced and shows the great potential of dry white Bordeaux, a rare and highly original wine, a great buy!

- Ready to drink now, will keep until ca. 2008, may be 2009. Do not keep this wine too long.

This type of wine makes my heart beat a bit faster. It is not a top wine, but has so much to offer for little money and is highly original too. You hardly ever come across a wine that is produced with a significant proportion of the regional and rare Sauvignon-Gris grape, also known as Sauvignon-Rosé. This grape has low yields and provides backbone and stuffing (alcohol, richness and minerality) to complement perfectly the wines of the Sauvignon-Blanc. Usually the Sémillon fulfills this task, but with the Sauvignon-Gris everything seems a bit fresher and more lively, but as rich and well structured. I am glad the Piat's are embracing this unique variety and make such an original wine. It deserves full respect especially because they work organically in their vineyards. This is the new spirit that will prove Bordeaux (and France) will be able to compete successfully with other wine countries by making interesting and fascinating high quality wines for a very reasonable price.

- lotnr.: L 027-7 M1

- tasted: 03-07-’07 

- estimated retail price ca. 7,00 euro

-  production:  very limited: a few thousand bottles

- Château Couronneau, Mrs.&Mr. Bénédicte & Christophe Piat, 33220 Ligueux, tel.: + 33-557 41 26 55 ,  fax.: + 33-557 41 27 58 ,  mobile: + 33- 6 08 24 75 06 / e-mail: