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Château Coutinel Rosé 2006, A.C. Fronton. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: light, but deep rosé with some purple.
Nose: medium expressive, fresh, beautiful ripe fruit (raspberry, cherry), mineral, some spices, a touch of sweetnes, juicy, clean and with some depth and refinement, delicious and very good balance. 
Taste: quite expressive, dry, fresh, rich, juicy and mild, but at the same time with piquant freshness, excellent fresh and ripe fruit, minerals, some herbs, a touch of bitterness adding character and tension, well structured, not heavy, but elegant, pure and intense, good mid-palate, some depth and refinement, excellent balance.
Finish: long, intense, fresh, round and soft, but also with a slight bitterness, some herbs and spices, beautiful fruit (raspberries, cherries), minerals, very good balance and very clean.

* A very well balanced dry rosé offering great freshness and roundness, beautiful ripe, raspberry and cherry fruit, some herbs and a mineral intensity of great pureness as well as some refinement and depth. 

- Drink this wine while it's young, but the structure and balance will give it more shelflife than most other rosé's. Enjoy its purity and freshness when the fruit is still young. Don't keep this wine too long, drink before mid 2008 for highest pleasure.

- At Château Coutinel the Arbeau family know what they are doing. Technically their wines are all well produced, they are also aimed at the less experienced, but at the same time discerning wine consumer. Their style is modern with an attractive regional (terroir) touch. This dynamic approach will give the Arbeau's a good opportunity to sell their wines outside the region and even abroad. This beautiful and characterful rosé is produced from 60% Négrette, 20% Gamay, 10% Syrah and 10% Fer Servadou (a quite rustic, but very earthy-spicy-fruity regional black grape).Produced in Inox tanks. For more details on the region and wine styles: Opinion 6


- lotnr.: bottle nr.: 14369

- tasted: 09-08-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 6,50 euro per bottle

- average production: no indication

- Château Coutinel / Vignobles Arbeau, 6 rue Demages - BP 1,  82370 Labastide Saint-Pierre, France, Tel.: + 33-563 64 01 80 ; Fax.: + 33 563 30 11 42 ; e-mail: ;  web site: