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Dobiñón  tinto Mencia, D.O. Bierzo. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: very dark red with no purple.
Nose: quite expressive, with many earthy, spicy, fruity nuances, ripe and with impressions of pencil shavings (graphite and cedar) a bit phenolic, a touch of smoke, mineral, wet clay, tea, herbs, quite nuanced and elegant, resembling a bit Cabernet Francs from the Loire.
Taste: medium bodied, very fluid, spicy, earthy fruit, liquorice, pepper, some smoke, good acidity, very well balanced, elegant, but also intense, a bit sombre, strong own character, but not difficult to approach.
Finish: quite long, medium intense, earthy fruit, spicy, some smoke, good, elegant and smooth tannins, clean but also mild acidity.

* Elegance, balance and attractive earthy and spicy fruit are the key words in this wine. The fruit is both elegant and earthy, fresh and even refined, a cross between a supple red Bordeaux and elegant red Burgundy. Not the power, but the balance and the fluid fruit impresses in this wine.

- Drink this wine young, it will keep until 2006, maybe 2007.

- A non vintage wine, most probably a blend. Lotnr. is crucial in such a wine if you want to be sure you taste the same as the wine I selected. Made from the indigenous grape Mencia. This grape produces wines not unlike elegant Bordeaux or Loire reds.  Some sources believe it is related to Cabernet Franc but more recent research indicates it is the same grape as the Portuguese Jaén (du Dao).  This type of wine will not succeed in blind tastings, especially if strong and wood aged wines are present. On its own it is very pleasant and offering amazingly much character for its very modest price. Is bottled for an association of producers with the name: "Señorio de Los Arcos".

- lotnr.: L 2304 Bottle nr.: 04 BT 475545C

- tasted: 04-02-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 4 - 5 euro

- average production: no indication

- Export office: EXCAL, International Trade Department, S.A., María A. Pardo Argüello,  C/ Recondo s/n Estación del Campo Grande, E - 47007 Valladolid  (Spain),  tel.:   +34-983219913 - Ext. 305 , mob.: +34-627391460 , fax.: +34-983219914 , e-mail: , web site: