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L'Adagio des Eyssards rouge 2003, A.C. Bergerac

Color: black-purple, opaque.
Nose: very expressive, very dense, concentrated, warm creamy, luscious, spicy wood embedded in rich and complex, super ripe black fruit, many nuances of minerals, warm earth and smoke, impressive, deep, complex and very rich, with a small touch of dustiness.
Taste: super rich, powerful, very intense, warm and with a great fluid core of fruit, loaded with sweet and ripe tannins, sombre-earthy nuances, some vanilla and smoke, eau de vie, spices, alcohol, quite complex and very deep, excellent balance between power, intensity, tannins and round and supple mouthfeel, endless nuances, enough acidity to keep the balance right, just stunning!
Finish: very long, intense, powerful, with loads of fruit, wood, minerals, alcohol, but also freshness, very strong, but not too heavy, very, very impressive!

* A stunning and rare combination of impressive power, richness, intensity, softness and depth, a superlative wine in all aspects, this wine is so impressive and nearly too much, but such an experience to taste. Do not look for elegance but let yourself be carried away. A great experience, a rarity.

-  If this wine will age I doubt it very much. just drink it when you can get it. There is so much concentration in this wine it will take decades to consume it during the maturation process, but if the fruit will keep and how the aroma's will evolve, its is all a big question. There is 15% alcohol in this wine, will the acidity be able to keep things going? I simply do not know, but I doubt it. And why wait? Drinking it now is a great experience, postponing it may result in missing it. Buy a few bottles and try it for yourself if it will improve with age.

- Very strong wine from an odd vintage 2003: extremely warm and dry summer resulting in an immense extract and 15%alc. produced from 85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc and matured in 60% new oak barrels. This producer also makes a great sweet wine: Cuvée Flavie 2005, A.C. Saussignac.


- lotnr.: L A D 03

- tasted: 20-11-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro per bottle

- average production: unknown to me, especially 2003 yielded very small quantities 

- Château des Eyssards "L'Esprit Latin" Mr. Pascal Cuisset, 24240 Monestier, tel.: + 33-553 24 36 36; fax.: + 33-553 58 63 74; e-mail: