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Château des Eyssards "Cuvée Flavie" 2005, A.C. Saussignac

Color: light golden yellow with some green.
Nose: quite expressive, fresh and sweet, clean, clear, with minerals, honey, flowers and white fruit (pineapple, apple) also a touch of vanilla, wood and a hint of rhubarb, quite deep, complex, elegant and refined, very beautiful, great purity, well balanced and classy.
Taste: rich, round, sweet, soft, unctuous, mild and also very fresh, mineral with lots of clean and clear complex white fruit, some vanilla, cream, honey, flowers, great purity, good concentration, complexity, great composition, still young and vibrant, the sweetness is not yet embedded and at this moment a bit pronounced, great potential.
Finish: sweet, long, intense, very clean and clear, unctuous, fresh, rich, with impressions of minerals, white fruit, vanilla and honey. Great purity.

* Great, classy sweet wine, still very young (and sweet), excellent freshness, impressive purity, beautiful white and exotic fruit, minerals, with impressions of vanilla and honey, clean well defined style with good intensity, elegance, already emerging complexity, depth and great potential. Great wine for little money!!

- This wine is already delicious, but still a little touch to sweet. This will become more harmonious with time and I expect the balance to be excellent mid 2007. Will improve over the years and will keep until ca. 2012, maybe a bit longer. If you prefer fruit drink it well before 2012, if you value mushrooms and earthy, spicy nuances wait a few years (from 2009).

- If this wine was produced on a great terroir, a great wine would have been the result. 
This wine shows the  result of a good terroir worked and understood by a great vinegrower and wine maker. He has done really everything right with this wine in 2005. The freshness and purity of this wine are exemplary and lift this sweet wine to a very high level. A perfect wine for a very reasonable price, especially if you compare it with the great, more reputed wines from e.g. Sauternes or even Monbazillac. Residual sugar: ca. 150 gr./l. Made from 80% Sémillon and 20% Chenin-Blanc (officially not permitted but apparently an excellent choice hence the freshness and elegance), harvested from old vines with very low yields: 12 - 15 hl/ha,  matured during one year on 1 and 2 year old barriques (just the right proportion and age of the barrels, so well integrated: you do not notice where the wood starts and the spicy fruit ends).

- second label: Château Billot (exactly the same wine)

- lotnr.: L SC 05

- tasted: 20-11-’06 (still in excellent condition after 2 months in open bottle)

- estimated retail price ca. 11,00 euro per 0,5 litre bottle

- average production: ca. 16.000 bottles (0,5 litre)

- Château des Eyssards "L'Esprit Latin" Mr. Pascal Cuisset, 24240 Monestier, tel.: + 33-553 24 36 36; fax.: + 33-553 58 63 74; e-mail: