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Château Fayol  2003, A.C. Bordeaux Supérieur. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: dark red with brown.
Nose: expressive, velvety-earthy, ripe, with sweetish raisiny fruit, a touch of smoke, refinement, mature, some complexity, minerals, inviting and warm. Very pure and clean, Pomerol/Saint-Emilion like.
Taste: round, spicy, ripe and soft, with very good intensity, merlot-sweetness, earthiness, nice, mature and velvety tannins, good fruity and creamy, ripe mid-palate, good concentration, warm and some complexity, very Pomerol/Saint-Emilion like style, very good balance.

Finish: quite long, round, mild, beautiful Merlot-fruit, earthy, spicy, juicy and creamy, well balanced and mature.

* Looking for a "poor man's" Pomerol or Saint-Emilion ? try this 2003 wine. All positive aspects of a pure and honest Pomerol or Saint-Emilion are there: softness, earthy and spicy nuances, mild and mature with a silky smooth, raisiny mid palate that only can be produced in this region. There is also some complexity, depth and refinement. You will not find obvious wood, power and high extraction. This wine expresses the essence of its terroir. Organically produced, reasonably priced, incredible value for money if you like this highly original and honest style.

- Ready to drink now, will keep until ca. 2008, may be 2009. It is not a great keeper and there is absolutely no need for that!!

So many people write about Saint-Emilion and Pomerol but do not know the original style that can be produced in these world famous vineyards. In my view only the best and richest Pomerols and Saint-Emilions can cope with a high percentage of new wood before losing their most beautiful and impressive ripe and complex fruit. The wines from "lesser" vineyards are able to shine if  they are given the chance: if extraction is done with care and restraint and the use of oak is limited. Its the fruit that shows in the best and pure wines in ripe vintages that is so beautiful you never can get enough of it. Nowhere in the world this combination of earthynes and soft, velvety fruit, combined with elegance and depth can be copied. Unfortunately the majority of this kind of wine is in the "prestige" price range so there has to be a prestige amount of wood in the wine, high price is high quality is high dose of luxurious oak. This wine proves how wrong this is, how much beauty is smothered in harsh and unpleasant tannins, wines that will (and need to) last for ever. Always keep them, hoping for the wine to smooth-out, never drink them, better sell them in an auction! 
This is just a simple Bordeaux Supérieur, there are thousands of wines from this category around, but sometimes there are real gems among them, wines that rival in quality and style the more prestigious wines and sell for a modest price. This is one of those gems, it is even more in harmony with its environment than many others because it is organically produced. The vineyards are neighboring those of Pomerol, so no wonder the wine bares resemblance to this "sacred" wines. It is not the label and the price of the wine you have to "taste" to be able to judge a wine, but the contents, thats all, and its surprisingly simple. No need for books guides or charts. Just you and the wine.    

- lotnr.: L 03 F1

- tasted: 05-03-’07 

- estimated retail price ca. 7,50 euro

-  production:  not known

- Château Fayol, Mr. Pascal Mathieu, Le Bourg, 33141 Villegouge, tel.+fax.: + 33-557 84 81 47  / e-mail: