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Fontanario de Pegoes branco 2004, D.O. Palmela

Colour: Light yellow with green.
Nose: expressive, concentrated, highly mineral with fresh fruit (apples, apricots), some spicesand flowers, yeast, waxy, quite deep and refined, very clean and very well balanced. Modern style with regional character.
Taste: quite concentrated, dry, very fresh, medium bodied, compact, clean and with many mineral and fruity (apricot) nuances, some spices, yeast and flowers, very good balance. Expressive, fruity and spicy style.
Finish: quite long, quite powerful, very fresh, compact and with impressions of fruit and spices, dry, but not acid, compact richness, very clean.

* Quite concentrated, very clean and fresh dry white wine, quite aromatic: fruit and spices and mineral in style, easy to drink, but with some complexity and refinement. Good and expressive character to accompany good food.

- Can be drunk now, will keep till 2006.

- At the same time easy drinking and concentrated dry white wine, quite expressively aromatic, clean and very well balanced. Excellent value for money. From a good and well equipped producer, a very quality oriented cooperative, one of the most dynamic of Portugal. Made from Fernão Pires grapes. The less luxurious version of this wine is: Adega de Pegoes / Marco de Pegoes branco 2004, V.R. Terras do Sado.

- lotnr.: L: 107505  / bottle identification nr.: EB-3317492

- tasted: 22-05-'05

- estimated retail price ca. 4,50 euro

- average production: not known

- Coop. Agr. Santo Isidro de Pegoès, Mr. J. Cuendera, Rua Pereira Caldas 1 R/C, 2985 - 158 Pegoes Velhos, Portugal. tel.: +-351-265 898860 / fax: +-351-265 898865  / e-mail:  / web site: