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Piero Gatti Brachetto 2004, D.O.C. Brachetto del Piemonte. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: dark, intense red with purple, medium intense, fine bubbles.
Nose: very expressively fruity, fresh, slightly sweet with loads of red and black fruit: black berries, cherries, some spices and a touch of Gewürztraminer, very inviting, super clean, joyful and quite exciting, unique aroma's, very interesting.
Taste: medium intense, slightly sweet, matched very well by a great and clean freshness, attractive and refreshing mousse, giving this wine some extra piquancy, impressive array of fresh, ripe and very clean, spicy red and black fruit, also some delicious, peppery tannins, excellently balancing the sweetness, fruit and acidity, easy on the palate, but at the same time quite exciting and interesting, inviting to take another sip or two.
Finish: medium long, very refreshing, sweet, but also with a spicy tiny touch of tannin, beautiful clean fruit, some spices and great balance, very delicious too!

* An exciting, sweet, red sparkling wine bursting with ripe, fresh, sweet and gorgeous red and black fruit, excellent balance between the acidity, sweetness, fine sparkle, fruit and supportive restrained tannins, impressive array of delicious, unique, fruity and spicy  aroma's.

- Drinking very well at this moment, will probably keep until 2007, but do not keep it too long as the fruit may fade, however this type of wine sometimes is much stronger than expected.

- Who dares to admit he / she likes red, sweet, sparkling wine? Not everybody I guess, but I do, at least this very special wine. You could characterize it as a red coloured variation on the well known Moscato d'Asti. But that is not doing enough justice to this unique type of wine. Seldom you encounter such a clear and opulent type of red fruit, so young and straightforward, but also so unique because of the many nuances and shades of spicy fruit this wine provides. It contains only 6,5% alcohol, the fermentation of the wine takes place in pressure resistant tanks, it is arrested (by intensely and quickly cooling the must) before all sugar has been converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Then the wine is sterile filtered and bottled with and under its own carbon dioxide pressure. In fact this is a high tech wine but fully worthy of the qualification **Heritage Wine**.  Mrs. Gatti makes also an excellent Moscato, her sweet sparkling wines are the most elegant and fresh versions around, they are also among the best available.

- lotnr.: L 04/321

- tasted: 01-01-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 11 euro

- average production: ca.  10.000  bottles

- Azienda Agricola Gatti Piero, Mrs. Rita Gatti, Loc. Moncucco 28,  12058 Santo Stefano Belbo (CN), tel. + fax: + 39-0141840918 /  e-mail: , web site:
- export agent: Enoteca Nederland,  Mr. Maarten Bonants, tel.: +31-344613736, fax.: +31-344612550, e-mail: