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Gilles de Morban 2000, V.d.P. de Saint-Sardos. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: medium red with browning rim.
Nose: medium expressive, spicy, with mature and ripe berry fruit nuances, some laurel, aniseed, raisins, elegant, some refinement, individual character, a bit restrained, excellent balance.
Taste: medium bodied, elegant, spicy, earthy, with beautiful understated fruit, some liquorice, touch of raisins, solid, but elegant core, excellent balance, a touch of alcohol, a touch of freshness.
Finish: reasonably long, soft, mild liquorice, some spicy, but sweet tannins, clean acidity, some aniseed, perfect balance.

* This wine excels in balance and elegance, the clean, earthy and spicy fruity nuances are in perfect harmony with the medium body, sweet tannins and clean freshness, you do not taste them apart, they are completely integrated into one integral tasting experience, restraint is the second feature that impresses in this wine.

- Very good drinking now, will probably keep for one or two years, maybe a bit longer, but there is no object in keeping it much longer, it is already so delicious and mature.

- This tiny Cave Coop. did everything right in 2000 with this wine. Seldom you encounter a "basic" or simple wine with such balance. Easily missed out in blind tasting sessions because of its elegance and restraint.  Produced by a quality oriented, but small and virtually unknown coop in the South-West of France which also makes other idiosyncratic wines such as a lightly sparkling semi sweet (muscat) rosť with only 2,5 % alcohol.

- lotnr.: L 1 SA0

- tasted: 19-12-’04

- estimated retail price ca.  5,5 euro

- average production: not indicated

- Cave de Saint-Sardos, F-82600 Saint-Sardos, export: Mr. Daniel Barrau. tel.: + 33-563 02 52 44 / fax.: + 33-563 02 62 19 / e-mail:  / web site: