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Domaine de Gournier Rosé Cuvée  Tradition  2005, V.d.P. des Cévennes

Colour: light rosé with purple nuances.
Nose:  quite expressive, with minerally and herby nuances, also ripe fruit (cherry, berry) some earthy impressions, a touch of sweetness, very clean and fresh, not deep or complex. Taste: dry, medium bodied, quite intense with good concentration, some richness, supple, soft and fresh, but also with enough uplifting acidity, minerals, herbs and fresh ripe cherry and berry fruit stand out, a attractive touch of bitterness, very mild tannins, excellent balance and integration between all taste impressions, well knitted together, very clean, quite strong character begging for food.
Finish: medium long, quite intense and concentrated, very clean, fresh, herby and fruity, with a tiny touch of sweetness.

* A very well made dry rosé: intense, strong and very fresh, with lots of herby - fruity nuances, minerals, very clean and above all excellent balance.  Not complex, but very versatile with many types of food. Very good value for money.

- Showing very well now, will at least keep till, I guess, mid 2007, drink young to enjoy its young and fresh character..

- Produced by a very reliable and modest producer in the lesser know Cévennes region (eastern part of the Midi, bordering the Rhône). This rosé is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon,. Grenache (noir), Syrah and Mourvèdre. The Cabernet and Grenache are the dominant grapes. The assemblage varies from year to year depending on the vintage results. Many wines from this producer provide a lot of quality and enjoyment for little money. Intensity is the keyword here in most wines. The reds are honest and good examples of the terroir, sometimes a bit earthy and sturdy, the rosé is more elegant, but at least as good. This certainly is a producer to watch. Not a source for top wines but its middle class wines are difficult to beat in quality for the price, provided you don't look for elegance and refinement but for honesty and character.

- lotnr.: L 6153

- tasted: 18-09-’06 retasted several times, consistent notes.

- estimated retail price ca. 5 euro

- production: ca. 200.000 bottles

- Domaine de Gournier, Mr. Maurice Barnouin, Mrs. de la Porte, 30190 Boucoiran, tel.: + 33-466 83 30 91 / fax.: + 33-466 83 31 08 / e-mail :