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Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons rouge 2005, A.C. Graves  **HERITAGE WINE**
Color: very dark red with no purple.
Nose: very expressive, lots of earthy, spicy nuances of wood, minerals and great fruit, some farmyard, some phenolic nuances, impressions of smoke and tobacco, refined "terroir" touch, very classical Bordeaux, good breed, depth and complexity. Very pure and  well balanced, however a bit woody, but still very nicely done: aroma's of wood matching the terroir/grape nuances perfectly.
Taste: intense, powerful and earthy with lots of beautifull wood, (black)fruit and mineral impressions, elegant and ripe, fresh and powerful, great tannins: ripe, piquant, spicy and fresh, some tobacco, some spices, great structure, excellent balance between all components, impressive achievement in winemaking, just perfect, this is why Graves are considered classic Bordeaux wines.
Finish: quite long, intense, elegant, spicy, fruity, earthy and with many impressions of wood, fruit, minerals, smoke, tobacco and softening tannins at the end. Again excellently balanced.

* Want to taste/drink a truly classic high quality red Bordeaux? try this one. All components in this wine all are matched so perfectly: ripe, spicy tannins, fine, elegant acidity, great complex fruit, classical wood,  earthy and spicy nuances, impressions of tobacco, smoke and minerals. This wine has great structure, elegance, power, complexity and lots of tension, it is a classical "modern" excellent Bordeaux.

- Ready to drink now, will keep for a decade I presume, but do not be tempted to mature it too long as it is so delicious and well balanced now.

Better quality red Graves have lots in common with good Médoc wines. They are maybe a bit more elegant and certainly more earthy in style, but the structure and fine austerity make them classic examples of red Bordeaux. The quality of Graves is quite irregular especially the lesser reputed wines but the wines of this Château have an impressive style and quality that puts them right into the same category and class as the wines from Pessac-Léognan. Maybe the terroir does not permit a Grand Cru Classé status, but the quality certainly does. I seldom have tasted a red Graves so well proportioned and so well produced as this. On top terroir this would have been a stunning wine with the same équipe producing the wine, but "just" an excellent red graves as this is very satisfying indeed. This wine makes you less prone wanting a stunning wine. This is nearly one, it only misses out slightly on its lesser (but still very good) terroir.
This producer has managed to increase quality every consequent year. A great joy to taste and drink. 
This is also the case with his equally excellent dry white Graves. This is what more Bordelais should do with their precious terroir.
Produced from 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon with maturation during 12 to 14 months in barriques of which 40% were new and 60% 1 year old.

- lotnr.: L 001
- tasted: 17-02-’09
- estimated retail price ca. € 20,00
-  production: 
- Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons, 33720 Cérons, Francis Unique, export manager, tel: +33 5 56 27 01 53 ; mob: +33 613 590 649 ; fax: +33 5 56 27 08 86 ; e-mail: