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Viņaguareņa  Joven tinto 2003, D.O. Toro

Colour: very deep, black purple.
Nose: very expressive, intensely earthy and spicy fruity, with impressions of green nettles, mango, grape skin, black berries, brambles, warm and damp earth, sweet and very ripe indeed.
Taste: very intense, dense, full-bodied and concentrated, super ripe fruit nuances (berries, mango, brambles), scintillating acidity and tannins, not heavy and with good balance between the rich and almost sweet rich fruit and fresh acidity and daring, strong tannins. Super rich expression of warm and earthy fruit. Not at all elegant nor refined.
Finish: long and intense, again scintillating acidity, sweet and rich, with loads of ripe and attractive tannins next to the loads of earthy ripe fruit.

* A straight in your face wine, not for the faint hearted, loaded with warm, opulent spicy and earthy fruit (mango, berries, brambles), loads of uplifting tannins and a good acidity to match. There is a lot of everything, except refinement and elegance.  As strong and fruity as you can get.

- Can be drunk now, will mature, but will lose its attractive combination of fierceness and sweet richness in a few years. Drink before 2006.

- If you like it fruity, earthy, strong and bold, try this wine. Do not look for refinement and elegance, enjoy its uncomplicated, rough, uncivilized but honest character. Made from a special clone of the Tempranillo grape that gives wines with a much stronger character than in e.g. Rioja.  Toro neighbours Ribera del Duero.

- lotnr.: L ?

- tasted: 06-09-'04

- estimated retail price ca. 7,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Viņagureņa, S.L., Ctra. Toro-Salamanca, 49800 Toro (Zamora). Tel.:  + 34 - 80 56 80 13; / fax.:  + 34 - 80 56 80 13 ;    e-mail:; web site: