Heritage Wine

All selected wines in this web site are very good - excellent considering their price category (see also Selection criteria), however some wines have an extra value to me. They are uniquely related to their vineyard and region,. They express their provenance in their character very strongly and contribute highly to the mind boggling myriad of aroma's and tastes the wine world has to offer mankind and that makes wine so fascinating and interesting. These distinctive wines are marked as **Heritage Wine**.

They are a precious part of our world's heritage of tastes. Wines we should care about, wines we should taste once or more in our lives, wines that need more attention and sadly enough in too many cases, wines (or styles) that are threatened in existence because of the increasing uniformity and measure made styles destined to satisfy consumer's demand and secure investor's return on investment.

Do not understand me wrongly, I am not opposed making wines that suit the modern consumer, on the contrary, wine is meant to give pleasure to as many people as possible.  I am worried about the side effect of it: the suffocation and decline of these singular wines with their unique characters that have the misfortune not to be fashionable for the tastes of the majority of wine consumers of a certain time. Even some wines that could be appreciated by consumers but lack the possibility to present themselves or be marketed sufficiently are endangered species in this increasingly marketing driven world.

You will find both modern and classical expressions of these unique wines indicated as **Heritage Wine**, you also will find all qualities from quite modest (but off course good) wines to top wines singled out as **Heritage Wine**

It can not be stressed enough these **Heritage** wines are not better than those that are not labelled as such, but these wines are extra worth noting, that's all.
Please also take into account **Heritage Wine** is my highly personal opinion and interpretation, everybody can make it's own selection, with no doubt differing subtle or vastly from mine, but not less valuable.

These wines simply merit extra attention for the sake of our world's precious heritage of tastes and aroma's !