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Ippolito Colli del Mancuso Riserva 2000, D.O.C. Cir┌ Rosso Classico Superiore. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: dark red with some browning in the rim.
Nose:  moderately expressive, complex, fine, warm, with spices, dried fruit, raisins, caramel, vanilla, herbs, some sweetness, elegance, touch of alcohol, quite deep, very (warm) southern Italian style, a touch of austerity.
Taste:  medium bodied, quite a lot of austere tannins, beautiful aroma's of ripe and also dried fruit, caramel, complex spices, some minerals, beautiful balanced aroma's, fair acidity, quite a bit of alcohol and many, strong, characteristic tannins, only suitable with food. Again very southern Italian in style, not easy, but interesting and very well produced.
Finish: quite long, warm, with a lot of dry, spicy tannins, alcohol, powerful, with a splendid array of spicy, warm and complex aroma's..

* A very interesting wine from the sun drenched south of Italy: elegant, warm, with strong and austere tannins, beautiful and complex spicy, sweet and dried fruit aroma's, elegant and strong at the same time, excellent with strong dishes.

- Drink this wine between now and 2005 - 2007, is at its peak now, will probably not improve much with age.

- If you are looking for character and a strong expression of the unique Southern Italian wines, than this Calabrian wine certainly must be on your list. This is the opposite style of the polished, perfect, smooth Chilean or New World wines. Its piquant tannins in the taste and certainly in the finish will not please everybody, but gives this wine the rare capacity to go very well with certain types of rustic, rich and strong flavoured Italian style dishes. The complexity of aroma's is quite unique in this type of wine.

- lotnr.: L 1288

- tasted: 13-10-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 11 euro

- average production: not indicated

- Cantine Vincenzo Ippolito, Via Tirone, 118 - 88811 Cir┌ Marina (KR) Italia, tel.: + 39-096231106, fax.: + 39-096231107, e-mail: / web site: