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Quinta da Laceira tinto 2002, D.O. Douro

Colour: very dark red with some browning in the rim.
Nose: quite expressive, warm and spicy (black pepper) port like fruit, some cherries, some raisiny sweetness and some alcohol, a few hints of (grape)stalks, nice character, but not much refinement or depth.
Taste: soft, round, mild, spicy fruity, mild acidity, some juice, some herbs, a touch of smoke and caramel, at the end some dry, slightly rustic tannins, but these tannins balance the sweet, slightly alcoholic impression nicely.
Finish: medium long, medium intense, soft and spicy fruity, some sweetness balanced by some dry tannins, but quite supple on the whole: nice balance.

* Well produced honest and very typical red Douro table wine, round and warm in character with good and ample spicy fruit, good regional character with some alcohol (sweetness) and matching (not too) dry tannins. Aromatically classic in combination with a modern styled (supple) taste.

- Drinks very well at this moment, will not improve much with age, but will keep for a few years: up to 2007.

- Nice example of a well crafted wine with good and interesting regional character combined with an approachable taste. Not great or impressive, but very well made and respectable. Affordable price too. A classical, serious producer.

- lotnr.: ??

- tasted: 25-04-’05

- estimated retail price ca. 8,00 euro

- average production: not known

- Coimbra de Mattos, Lda. Rua de Alcāntara, 221, 4350-025 Porto Portugal, tel.: + 351 225 021 540 ; fax: + 351 225 092 616 ; e-mail: