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Emilio Lustau "East India" Solera Sherry, D.O. Jerez  **HERITAGE WINE**

color: medium intense brown (amber).
Nose: very expressive, sweet, nutty, creamy, soft and also with a refreshing note of acidity and minerals, lots of quite complex impressions in which figs, and other dried fruits dominate the ethereal, sweet, fresh and mature (tertiary) nuances. Excellent balance.
Taste: sweet, full bodied, rich, soft and creamy, intense, elegant freshness, with minerals and creamy impressions, spices, herbs, tobacco, caramel, raisins, figs, roasted hazelnuts, clean, quite subtle and with excellent balance. Quite impressive, idiosyncratic "wine."
Finish: very long, good intensity, refined, soft, round, sweet and at the same time fresh, with again nuts, dried fruit, caramel, and a nice tension, excellent balance.

* An impressive, sweet fortified wine, intense and very mature in style, velvety smooth and soft with creamy impressions of dried fruit, roasted nuts and caramel, the sweet character is impressively balanced by a refreshing acidity and minerals providing length and elegance to this "wine". This is a perfect example of how good a Sherry can be. One of the classics of Spain.

- Drink this rich, sweet and fortified wine from now on, will withstand many month of open bottle, but will lose some of its freshness. There is no hurry in consuming. Will last decades but will not improve.

- Lustau is a very serious producer in terms of quality and style. They are keen on preserving the rich heritage of Sherry. In 1981 they started to bottle highly specialized and rare Almacenista Sherry's. A quote from their web site: "It was the firm of Emilio Lustau which was responsible for giving Almacenistas their rightful place in the Jerez region. They recognized that certain small quantities of Sherry were of such high quality that to lose them in bigger blends would be a tragedy. Consequently in 1981, to give credit to the Almacenistas, they began bottling and selling these special wines as a range of Almacenista Sherries and the name of each individual Almacenista appears alongside that of Lustau on the label of the wine". 
This East India Solera (made of Palomino Fino grapes and sweetened with dried Pedro Ximenez grapes) is also part of this heritage: casks of Sherry were loaded as ballast on sailing ships and were transported (through the tropics) to India. The conditions during such voyages influenced the maturation process vastly and resulted in a much more complex and specific type of Sherry. This effect was also experienced with the maturation of (Portuguese) Madeira. This East India Sherry gives us a glimpse of the tastes that people were experiencing centuries ago.

- lotnr.: L - 63 62

- tasted: 17-12-’09

- estimated retail price ca. € 20,=

- average production: no indication

- Emilio Lustau, Calle Arcos 53, 11402 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz,  Spain, tel.: + 34-956 341 597,  fax.: + 34-956 347 789 / e-mail: .
Web site: