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Bodegas Luzon "Organic" Tinto 2006, D.O. Jumilla.

Color: medium intense red with some purple in the rim.
Nose: expressive, ripe and soft, fruity (bramble, cherry), with a touch of spice and minerals, some depth and complexity, also elegant and clean. Modern style with good regional character.
Taste: intense, good structure, powerful, full bodied and round, nice developed mid-palate, with beautiful ripe and soft, red and black fruit, minerals, ripe tannins, good freshness, even elegance, depth and also some refinement, many fruity-spicy nuances, modern and smooth, but with very good tension and some terroir. Very good balance.
Finish: long, intense, smooth, with many attractive impressions of ripe and elegant fruit, some spices and minerals, balsamic nuances, very clean and open style, warm, but also with freshness, very good balance.

* Complex fruit is the core of this organic red  wine's character. There is an impressive amount of elegant, ripe, clean and soft fruit, combined with richness, warmth and concentration, perfectly balanced by an attractive mineral freshness and elegant spiciness with balsamic nuances. A very good example of the elegance and complexity of  modern Jumilla wines, able to compete successfully with any New World wine in the same price bracket.

- This wine can be drunk from now on, it will not improve much over the next few years, but the balance will keep it going for a while, drink until 2011.

- Bodegas Luzón is an important and serious producer of Jumilla wines. In the past (red) wines from this region were hot and baked in style. I always liked them for their specific sturdy, honest and bold, heart-warming character. You hardly could detect any refinement in the wines except in the best mature reserva's, but these reserva's were very much wood-dominated. In a much different way from the current (at last happily reclining trend) of the abundant use of new wood for prestige wines. Warm, hot and not subtle, most of the times loaded with the intense tannins of the Monastrell grape, providing at best a wealth of balsamic nuances.  Modern Jumilla's are produced "on fruit" and exhibit the great potential of the specific combination of vineyard, climate (terroir) and grape variety. It is amazing how subtle and elegant the fruit can be in good Jumilla wines if you consider the hot circumstances in the vineyards. Luzón did a great job with this wine. The fact that it is organic makes it even more admirable.

This wine is made of Monastrell grapes. The Monastrell (called Mataro in the New World) is not an easy ingredient if you want to make supple and soft wines. It is loaded with strong and fierce tannins. It is at least closely related to the French Mourvèdre (Bandol) grape, but has great fruit potential and can provide richness. These are always strong wines with good structure and extract, strong color and also a very spicy character in young wines that turns into more balsamic nuances after aging.
The regional (very hot and dry) climate is kind to organic viticulture.

- lotnr.: 2210 807

- tasted: 21-04-’08

- estimated retail price ca. 8,00 euro

- average production: unknown

- Bodegas Luzón, Mr. Dominic Lombard, Ctra. Jumilla-Calasparra, km. 3,1, 30520 Jumilla (Murcia); tel.: +34-968 78 41 35 ;  fax.: +34-968 78 19 11 ;  mobile: +34-618 602 275 ; e-mail: ;  web site: