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Bodegas López Hermanos "Málaga Virgen" Pedro Ximénez, D.O. Málaga. **HERITAGE WINE**

color: light brown (amber).
Nose: expressive, rich, sweet, spicy, nutty, with loads of nuances: caramel, figs, dates, raisins, orange peel, muscat, honey, also freshness, depth and some complexity.
Taste: very sweet, concentrated, round, mild, unctuous, velvety soft and creamy-smooth, alcohol, spices, caramel, honey, confit fruits (figs, dates, raisins), some nutty impresions, some freshness, excellent balance.
Finish: very long, intense, sweet, soft and smooth, with lots of spiuces, caramel, dried fruits, some smoke, nuts, an attractive bitterness and a cleaning mild acidity, very well balanced.

* A very sweet, rich, super smooth and unctuous fortified wine made from sun-dried grapes, loads of spicy, nutty, sweet impressions of dried fruit and caramel are harmoniously combined with a rich and velvety smooth sweetness. One of the classics of Spain.

- Drink this (Port-Sherry-cross-like) wine from now on, will withstand many month of open bottle, but will lose some of its freshness. There is no hurry in consuming. Will last decades but will not improve.

- Major producer in the very south of Spain with an impressive array of wines, best known for its classic Málaga's.

- lotnr.: L - 06 207

- tasted: 11-12-’06

- estimated retail price ca. 9 euro

- average production: no indication

- Bodegas López Hermanos "Malaga Virgen", C/ Canadá, 10, 29006 Málaga, tel.: + 34-952 319 454,  fax.: + 34-952 359 819 / e-mail: Export manager: Mrs. Yoann Tissandier.
Web site: