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Marqués de Reinosa tinto Reserva 2000, D.O.Ca . Rioja. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: dark red, just lost its purple.
Nose: a bit restrained, spicy, warm, quite a bit of wood, but also with ample clean and juicy fruit, good freshness, very clean and honest, already some maturing nuances, but also some fruit (youth), excellent balance, intriguing refinement and elegance, quite classic and typically Rioja.
Taste: medium bodied, medium intense, good core and nice extract, but very elegant and pure, mild, fresh, good tannins, spicy wood, impressions of minerals, ripe and fresh fruit (cherry, berry), smoke, tobacco, good depth and refined, excellent balance, refinement and elegance rather than power and intensity. Impressively woven, elegant structure with matching subtle aroma's. Very Rioja!
Finish: elegant, long, fresh and pure, soft with beautiful fruit, spices, a touch of smoke and wood.

* A rare, honest, very true to type luxurious Rioja with an impressive classical elegance. Do not look for power and concentration in this wine but get impressed by the sheer beauty of elegance, refinement and purity of this wine, carefully crafted from pure and ripe fruit, uplifting freshness, minerals, and spicy, well dosed oak.  A real bargain with a stunning  quality / price ratio.

- Drink this wine from now on, it will keep until 2012 maybe even a few years longer. Well balanced Rioja's can have respectable lifespans, if all ingredients of the wine are in harmony and well supplied, neither of them will dominate the others for many years. longevity is more a matter of perfect balance and the right ingredients than lots of power of extract.

- This is a Rioja I really like and respect. It has something magical about it, the elegance is so inviting to drink another glass and to meet a slight variation on the aroma's encountered in the first that it is a real joy to pour another. This is a great excursion in "wine country" the matching food has also enough room to be noticed along this wine. There is no place in the world other than Rioja one could produce this type of wine. Of course there are better wines in Rioja and in the world but this one deserves great respect.

- lotnr.: L 3515 

- tasted: 15-02-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 11  euro

- production: 16.000 bottles

- Bodegas Marqués de Reinosa, Mr. P. Marin, Ctra de Rincón de Soto, 26560 Autol (La Rioja), Spain.  tel.:  + 34-941 40 13 27 ; fax.: + 34-941 39 00 65 ; e-mail: ; web site: