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Château Clos Mignon rouge Tradition 2005, A.C. Fronton. **HERITAGE WINE**

Color: dark red with no purple anymore.
Nose: intense, expressively fruity, juicy and earthy-spicy with loads of cherries, berries, a touch of cinnamon, pepper and a rare and impressive purity and freshness, delicious and at the same time elegant and complex. The fruit is so clean, pure and natural, with that intriguing spicy and earthy "Fronton" or "Négrette" twist. Châpeau!!
Taste: medium bodied, medium intense, elegant, supple, but with ample acidity and some spicy tannnins, nice mid-palate, good concentration, and with all that lovely, spicy, juicy and peppery fruit. Also some impressions of herbs and tea. Very good balance, very pure and unique aroma pattern.
Finish: long, intense, fresh, with some piquant tannins, but also lots of great fruit, spices and earthy impressions.

* If you like elegance, loads of beautifull clean, spicy, earthy and ripe fruit, freshness, a touch of tannin, refinement and some complexity, try this impeccable wine with its unique aroma pattern, excellent and delicious expression of a unique terroir.

- Drink this wine while it's young, will keep some years, but the fruit will fade and the earthy and spicy nuances gradually will take over aswell as a few rustic aspects of the structure that are well covered by juicy fruit when still young. Drink before 2009.

- This is one of my favorite producers of Fronton. Maybe not the most consistent through the years, but also producing wines with stunning honesty and intriguing fruit. Sometimes the wines are just that little bit too rustic for me, but most of the times they show me an absolutely unique type of wine with a quality of fruit that is very rare and very hard to find, even in the best Cru's of the Beaujolais. Even then it is so different from what you encounter in other wines. It is mainly the Négrette grape that makes his traditional red so special. You must have tasted a good example of his red wines at least once in your wine-amateur career. Produced from roughly 50% Négrette, 10% Gamay, 15% Cabernet Franc 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah. Produced in Inox tanks. For more details on the region and wine styles: Opinion 6


- lotnr.: L 6354 B

- tasted: 21-05-’07

- estimated retail price ca. 6,00 euro per bottle

- average production: no indication

- Château Clos Mignon, Mr. Olivier Muzart, 31620 Villeneuve les Bouloc, France, Tel.: + 33-561 821 089 ; Fax.: + 33 561 829 914 ; e-mail: ;  web site: