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Monzio Compagnoni Ronco della Seta 2001, D.O.C. Terre di Franciacorta

Colour: dark red with some browning in the rim.
Nose: spicy, earthy, warm, but also with freshness, clear and clean fruit of  cherry and black-berry, a touch of aniseed, some smoky nuances, a whiff of vanillin, complexity, balance, a bit Bordeaux like, but more elegant and with an exciting Italian twist of cherry fruit, very nice and attractive.
Taste: medium bodied, viscous, soft, but also fresh, very elegant, excellent balance between power, body, elegance, acidity and complex earthy fruit (cherry, black-berry), nuances of smoke a tiny touch of vanillin and black pepper, nice, refreshing tannins with both smoothness and grip.
Finish: quite long, but not very intense, elegant, creamy, fresh with complex fruit, some earthy and smoky vanillin nuances, nice tannins with good grip.

* An open and honest wine, with a beautiful balance between, earthy, fresh fruit, a mild taste with a viscous mouth feel and ripe tannins combined with a beautiful fresh acidity providing both grip and excitement.  In style an interesting cross between an elegant Bordeaux and character full refined Northern Italian wine.

- Already delicious, will develop probably a bit, but this is not a wine to keep as it is so nice and balanced already. The young fruit is its forte.

- If you want an impressive wine with power, alcohol and sexy wood, look for another one. If you value refinement, elegance, medium power, complexity, character and balance, try this wine. Produced near Brescia in Northern Italy from a blend of 40% merlot, 25% cabernet sauvignon, 15% cabernet franc and 10% nebbiolo and 10% barbera, partly matured in barriques (1 & 2 years old). No wonder this wine has some Bordeaux character mixed with true Italian "spice".

- lotnr.: no indication on bottle

- tasted: 15-01-’04 (tasted one time before, consistent notes)

- estimated retail price ca. 10 euro

- average production: ca. 35.000 bottles

- Azienda Agricola Monzio Compagnoni s.r.l., Via Contrada della Corte, 2,  25040 Nigoline di Corte Franca (BS) tel.: + 39-030-988 41 57 /  + 39-035-940 311 / fax.: + 39-030-988 41 58 / e-mail: / web site:
- export agent: Enoteca Nederland,  Mr. Maarten Bonants, tel.: +31-344613736, fax.: +31-344612550, e-mail: